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Tax Credits Phone NumberA tax credit is defined as a sum which an individual receives from the Government. This sum can be offset against his/her tax liability. For those who are new to tax credits, they can call up the Tax Credits contact number in order to obtain a claim form for themselves. Keep in mind that the average wait time for the form to reach is about two weeks, therefore it pays to plan ahead and call up the Tax Credit Helpline beforehand. You can ask for a tax credit claim form for individuals or a joint claim form, in case you’re applying as a couple. Individuals applying for tax credits should also bear in mind that they cannot claim Universal Credit and tax credits simultaneously.

Before the individual sends the form he/she is required to send certain information to the Government and provide an estimate of their earnings. In case the applicant has a National Insurance number then he/she will be required to quote it. Other information such as one’s income during the last tax year, details of benefits received, details of childcare payments received, number of working hours per week, etc are also required to be furnished by the applicant. It is important to furnish only correct and accurate information as wrong information submitted fraudulently or negligently will result in a penalty charge of up to £3000. Individuals who have been reasonably careful when making the claim but still ends up making a mistake aren’t given any penalty.

Once the applicant is done with furnishing the details, the duly filled up form has to be sent to the address mentioned on the form. For individuals living in Northern Ireland, they need to send it to Social Security Office or Jobcentre Plus. It is not necessary for one to make one’s own claim, one can also appoint another individual for this purpose. To appoint another individual or ‘appointee’ to claim tax credits for you, authorization from the UK Tax Credit Office should be sought. An authorized appointee also has the right to manage the reliant individual’s payments pertaining to Tax Credit.

The Tax Credits phone number is your go-to solution in case you wish to speak to officials or representatives of HMRC or HM Revenue & Customs. This contact number is basically the helpline for general enquiries. If you need any aid with your tax credits then this contact number would be useful for you. You can also use the phone number to inform HMRC about any changes in your circumstances, i.e. home address, sources of income and so on. The Tax Credits Helpline also doubles up as a complaint line, therefore individuals can lodge their complaints pertaining to Tax Credits in this number. There is also a separate Agent Priority Line, which is exclusively dedicated to agents who are acting as the tax adviser for their clients.

Individuals can make their claims for Tax Credits any time during the year. Generally, tax credits are backdated up to one month’s time from the starting of the claim. Thus, it is advisable to apply the moment one becomes eligible for the tax credit which one is entitled to receiving. There is also no need to wait for applying if one knows that one’s income would be dropping to the qualifying level, i.e. in case of pay cuts, quitting a job or one of the partners becoming redundant. Just remember: the earlier you make your claim, the better off you’ll be!

Now, the official website is quite comprehensive in terms of information about how to make a claim, working out the receivable amount, making claims for someone else, renewing tax credits, etc. However, the representatives handling the Tax Credits phone number are always on standby to help applicants out who are facing some issues with their claims or with tax credits in general.

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