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Swalec contact number The SSE Swalec is a British energy company that offers a wide variety of services including gas and electricity, phone and broadband, as well as some home services. Swalec is known for their extensive customer service as they were the first energy company to put an end to doorstep selling,the first to simplify tariffs, and the first energy company to launch a customer charter. SSE's customer service goes beyond that, as they have a £20 service guarantee. This guarantee specifies that for each of the five commitments in their customer service guarantee that they fail to meet, they will fix the issue and take £20 off your next bill.

Swalec has friendly pricing as they have currently frozen their energy prices until July of 2016.They also have 3 year pricing where the price of your bill will remain the same for 3 years without having to worry about increases. In addition, if you switch to monthly direct debit, you will receive a £40 discount per month on fuel.If you have any general inquiries about SSE's gas and electricity services or prices contact the SSE contact number at 0843 455 0096.

SSE Swalec also features a variety of phone and broadband packages. The phone service has a wide array of features such as:

  • Call barring- block numbers you do not want to answer
  • Caller display
  • Call diversion- allows you to divert calls to another number
  • Ring back-gives you an alert when a busy number is free again
  • Call waiting
  • 3 way calling
  • Call sign - allows you to assign different ring tones to different callers
  • Reminder call

When you choose three or more of these features, Swalec provides a discount. If you have any general inquiries about the calling features, do not hesitate to call the SSE contact number at 0843 455 0096.

SSE currently has a great phone and broadband package which has no monthly cost for the first 6 months. After the 6 months have expired the prices are £0 for phone, £8.00 per month for broadband, and £13.49 for line rental. The services for the phone and broadband include:

  • unlimited downloads with speeds of up to 17 mbps per second
  • an 18 month subscription to internet security suite- which allows you to stay safe when online
  • inclusive local and national calls on weekends
Furthermore, SSE also offers a variety of home services services such as :
  • cover for your boiler and heating controls
  • an annual service for your boiler
  • priority, on demand break down service

They also include £0 call out fees for the first 12 months of the contract.If you have any questions about the home services call the Swalec contact number on 0843 455 0096.

Swalec features a very user friendly website which allows you to explore all the services and features that the company offers. Also you can receive gas and electricity price quotes by typing in your post code,and for phone and broadband quotes, your post code along with your landline number.If you have any questions or would like to become an SSE customer please visit the website or call the SSE contact number.

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